Will you be getting a new boss soon? (Radio Show)

On October 1, 2014, Jenny Mattingley, director of government affairs, Shaw Bransford & Roth, federal employment law firm, joined Mike Causey's "Your Turn" show on Federal News Radio to discuss job turnover in federal agencies. Jenny is a registered lobbyist and spends a lot of time on the Hill and in the federal community advocating federal employee rights.

Summary of show: Between now and November 2016, there will be lots of job shuffling, people coming and going and uncertainty in the work place. So what's in it, or not, for you?

This week on "Your Turn", host Mike Causey will be talking with Jennifer Mattingly, director of government affairs for the law firm of Shaw Bransford & Roth.

She said "this is the time when we start seeing turnover happen — it's always at the beginning and the end of administrations that you get the 'lights are on and no one is home' issue in political slots." She's been through a number of transitions and seen their impact on both political and career employees.

Later in the show, Federal Times writer Andy Medici will discuss a surge in discrimination complaints in government, VA's latest problem, and the possibility that your letter carrier may soon be your barista.

Listen to the recording.

News source: Federal News Radio