Enterprise risk management in the federal sector (Radio Show)

This week's FEDtalk covers enterprise risk management in the federal sector.

Dr. Karen Hardy, senior advisor, Office of Management and Budget, W. Todd Grams, director, Federal Sector, Deloitte, and Dr. Doug Webster, founder, Cambio Consulting Group, join host Jenny Mattingley, director of Government Affairs, Shaw Bransford & Roth for the show.

Guests discuss the current state of enterprise risk management in the government. Additionally, the show explores the Human Capital side of risk management.

The show also covers how enterprise risk management framework can be made durable so it survives transitions in personnel and leadership, as well as best practices for enterprise risk management.

FEDtalk is a live radio talk show produced by Shaw Bransford & Roth P.C., a federal employment law firm. Bringing you the insider's perspective from leaders in the federal community since 1993.

Listen to the recording.

News source: Federal News Radio