The Status of Telework in the Federal Government (Radio Show)

Telework has long been a buzz word in the private and public sector. Industries are increasingly focusing on the return on investment they gain from providing more opportunities for telework to their workforces.
In 2010 Congress passed a law to encourage federal agencies to allow their employees to telework to the maximum extent practicable. Each year, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) collects data and releases a report on the status of telework in the government. The most recent report was released at the end of 2013 and points to an increase in telework government-wide.

However, the report also highlights remaining barriers to telework as well as a sizeable cadre of employees who choose not to telework. It also makes the case for some of the business reasons that agencies are starting to move toward more telework friendly policies - from cost-savings through decreased property needs, to employee recruitment and retention benefits, to a decrease in employee absenteeism.

Exploring the reasons behind some of the findings in the report and highlighting how telework is used in the private sector, host Jenny Mattingley and a panel of telework policy experts delve into a discussion on telework policy. Bringing a range of insight to the panel are guests Ron Sanders from Booz Allen Hamilton, Kate Lister from Global Work Analytics, Tyler Robinson of Young Government Leaders, and Kimberly Wells from the Office of Personnel Management.

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News source: Federal News Radio