FEDTALK EXCLUSIVE: An inside look at the DEA and U.S. Marshal's Service (Radio Show)

This week on "FEDtalk", Michele Leonhart of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Stacia Hylton of the U.S. Marshals Service, and Cathy Sanz of Women in Federal Law Enforcement, join host Debra Roth to talk about federal law enforcement.

They will discuss the missions and areas of jurisdiction for DEA and US Marshals Service, and how federal law enforcement agency interaction has changed since 9/11.

You will also hear these guests discuss trends and issues happening in the federal community that no one is talking about.

Finally, you will get an inside look at administrator Leonhart's and director Hylton's careers, as well as advice for women in federal law enforcement for expanding their own career opportunities.

FEDtalk is a live radio talk show produced by Shaw Bransford & Roth P.C., bringing you the insider's perspective from leaders in the federal community since 1993.

Listen to the recording.

News source: Federal News Radio