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Our attorneys have extensive experience in federal employment and federal litigation matters. We have successfully represented employees in nearly every agency. While much of our employment law work has been with the federal government, our attorneys also provide legal services for both employers and employees in the private sector. Our attorneys are available to provide legal services in the following areas:

Federal Employment

Federal employment law is a unique area of practice in the employment law field. Our attorneys, many of whom have practiced at federal agencies, have successfully handled federal employment law claims nationwide for over 30 years. We are available to assist federal employees with their legal matters on a wide variety of issues.

Adverse Actions

The best time to successfully challenge an adverse action is at the agency level when a personnel action is proposed. Our attorneys can provide advice and guidance to federal employees subjected to adverse actions such as suspensions, demotions or removals. We can assist federal government employees of all levels in preparing written and oral replies to proposed adverse actions, up to and including members of the Senior Executive Service.

We can also provide advice and representation in lesser disciplinary actions, such as warnings, counselings and letters of reprimand.


For many federal employees, downsizing is a topic of concern. For some, facing a RIF is a reality. In either case, our attorneys can advise federal employees about their legal rights in the event of a RIF and can cut through the maze of technicalities to assess whether a RIF action can be successfully challenged.

Federal Employees’ Litigation Services

Our attorneys are experienced litigators. We are ready to counsel and represent federal employees in appeals to the Merit Systems Protection Board and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as well as in civil actions and appeals in federal district and appellate courts.

We also provide representation on appeals at the agency level, including internal grievances.

Administrative & Congressional Investigations

Our attorneys are experienced in handling the many types of administrative investigations that can occur in the federal workplace. Often, having a lawyer available to assist in preparation for and to be present at such an investigation is the best way to avoid a future disciplinary or criminal action.

Representation services include, for example, Office of Inspector General investigations into misconduct allegations, Office of Special Counsel investigations of prohibited personnel practices and whistleblowing claims, and background and security clearance investigations.

National Security, Federal Law Enforcement, & Foreign Service Employment

Our firm is experienced in representing individuals employed in the U.S. Intelligence Community in cases that involve national security related issues, federal law enforcement agencies, and in the Foreign Service.

Our attorneys have successfully represented federal law enforcement officers, Foreign Service Officers, and members of the Intelligence community during investigations, commissions and Congressional proceedings.

We also regularly provide Intelligence Community employees, Foreign Service Officers, and federal law enforcement officers legal representation in employment disciplinary proceedings and discrimination matters. 

Our firm helps attorneys comply with their ethical and professional responsibilities.  We are experienced representing lawyers subjected to attorney disciplinary proceedings.

Our lawyers have successfully defended attorneys accused of misconduct and violations of the Rules of Professional Responsibility. 

We provide representation and advise for attorneys subjected to bar disciplinary complaint investigations and prosecutions, as well as investigations by the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility.

Attorney Disciplinary Proceedings

EEO and Whistleblower Litigation


Our attorneys have many years of experience representing individuals in employment discrimination law cases. We have handled a variety of EEO discrimination law cases, including assisting federal employee clients in agency administrative EEO complaints, participating in mediations and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings and litigating private sector Title VII claim before the U.S. District Courts.

Our firm is available to provide representation in the following areas of employment discrimination:

  • Disparate impact or disparate treatment claims based upon race, sex, age, national origin, religion and other protected categories;

  • Sexual harassment and other harassment based upon protected categories;

  • Reprisal discrimination for participation in EEO activities or based on opposition to discriminatory practices;

  • Reverse discrimination;

  • Disability discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Rehabilitation Act of 1973;

  • Denial of equal pay for equal work;

  • Discrimination experienced by federal contractors or sub-contractors.

Representing Managers and Employers in EEO Discrimination Cases

Our attorneys represent not only individual complainants in employment discrimination law cases, they can also provide legal defense representation to management officials accused of discrimination and private sector employers, as well as government agencies dealing with discrimination complaints.

Federal Retirement Services

Our firm devotes a significant portion of its practice to advising current and former federal employees on the rights and benefits available to them by virtue of their federal employment, including retirement benefits.

Our attorneys routinely provide federal retirees and federal employees who are planning to retire advice and representation in the following areas:

  • Entitlement to pension, health and life insurance

  • Rights under the Civil Service Spouse Equity Act

  • Survivor annuities

  • Applications for disability retirement

  • Appeals regarding adverse retirement benefit determinations by OPM

Security Clearance Representation

Our attorneys have many years of experience representing federal employees and private contractors in obtaining, retaining and adjudicating their security clearances. Whether assisting applicants with their security paperwork (i.e., SF-86) or responding to an adjudicative concern regarding eligibility for a clearance, our firm has the experience to help you.

Security Clearance Representation for Private Contractors

The security clearance process for private contractors is governed by Executive Order 10865 and Department of Defense Directive 5220.6. This process accords federal contractors full due process rights, including a hearing before an Administrative Judge at the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) regarding the revocation or initial denial of a security clearance. Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing private contractors throughout this process and have appeared on behalf of clients at numerous DOHA hearings.

Security Clearance Representation for Federal Employees

The security clearance process for federal employees is governed by Executive Order 12968. This process gives federal employees due process rights, including an opportunity to respond in writing and orally to the revocation of a security clearance, within the employing agency.

Security Clearance Representation for Private-Sector Companies

Another facet of our security clearance service is to provide advice and representation to companies regarding hiring decisions, issues relating to company security programs and employee security clearances (e.g., government contractors needing facility security clearances).

Bivens Representation

Our firm has also been retained at the Justice Department’s expense to act as private defense counsel to federal officials sued in their individual capacities in Bivens lawsuits who are alleged to have knowingly engaged in a constitutional violation.

These cases involve the defense of law enforcement officials engaged in a wide range of law enforcement and homeland security activities, pre- and post-September 11, 2001, attacks, sued on a variety of claims alleging civil rights violations.

FOIA & Privacy
Act Litigation

The Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act allow individuals and organizations to obtain an array of government documents and records.  Likewise, under the Privacy Act individuals may request the correction or amendment of some records about them maintained by the government. 

Our attorneys are experienced in providing legal services to individuals, organizations, and media members requesting and obtaining specific government records through FOIA and Privacy Act. We also have assisted clients in appealing the government’s refusal to produce requested documents through internal agency appeals and in civil litigation in Federal court. 

With this experience, we can provide you legal services to help you request, obtain and correct government records.

Federal Agency Legal Services,
GSA Schedule

Our firm has extensive experience in assisting small and medium-sized agencies with employee relations, EEO, and labor relations issues and has attorneys who have worked in the labor and employee relations areas in agencies within the federal government. Our attorneys can assist in the following areas:

  • Charges, hearings and appeals. Our attorneys can assist with the proper drafting of charges in adverse actions and the development of an evidentiary record to support adverse actions. We are also prepared to represent the agency during the appeal at the Merit Systems Protection Board.

  • EEO cases. Our firm can help with the defense of EEO complaints, including litigating an EEO case before the EEOC. We can also provide advice to federal agencies on how to handle and litigate complicated or sensitive EEO cases.

  • Misconduct or other management investigations. Our attorneys can assist with the investigation of employee misconduct. We have helped with investigations into integrity issues, violations of the agency’s rules of conduct and sexual harassment (Faragher and Ellerth) investigations. We have extensive experience in assisting agencies in handling difficult, sensitive and high-profile employee misconduct matters.

  • Labor management negotiations, arbitrations and contract disputes. The day-to-day dealings with labor unions concerning bargaining term or mid-term agreements and contract administration issues are within our specialized practice area. We have handled numerous arbitrations and can readily advise or assist in all aspects of labor relations.

GSA Schedule Contract Number: GS-02F-0175S

Employer Legal Services

Our attorneys can provide legal services to employers on an array of employment matters.  With a wealth of employment law experience, we can provide legal services for workplace-related matters including: federal anti-discrimination and civil rights laws; employment contracts; EEO training; civil rights investigations; human resources policies and procedures; and wage and hour compliance.

Professional Training Services

Our firm provides a full spectrum of training for supervisors and HR professionals on personnel and EEO issues for government agencies.

Recently conducted training topics include:

  • Managerial training for dealing with problem employees;

  • Prohibited personnel practices;

  • Alternative dispute resolution;

  • Performance issues; and

  • Managing after an EEO complaint or whistleblower disclosure.