Security Clearance Representation

Our attorneys have many years of experience representing federal employees and private contractors in obtaining, retaining and adjudicating their security clearances. Whether assisting applicants with their security paperwork (i.e., SF-86) or responding to an adjudicative concern regarding eligibility for a clearance, our firm has the experience to help you.

Security Clearance Representation for Private Contractors

The security clearance process for private contractors is governed by Executive Order 10865 and Department of Defense Directive 5220.6. This process accords federal contractors full due process rights, including a hearing before an Administrative Judge at the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) regarding the revocation or initial denial of a security clearance. Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing private contractors throughout this process and have appeared on behalf of clients at numerous DOHA hearings.

Security Clearance Representation for Federal Employees

The security clearance process for federal employees is governed by Executive Order 12968. This process gives federal employees due process rights, including an opportunity to respond in writing and orally to the revocation of a security clearance, within the employing agency.

Security Clearance Representation for Private-Sector Companies

Another facet of our security clearance service is to provide advice and representation to companies regarding hiring decisions, issues relating to company security programs and employee security clearances (e.g., government contractors needing facility security clearances).