Federal Employment Law

Federal employment law is a unique area of practice in the employment law field. Our attorneys, many of whom have practiced at federal agencies, have successfully handled federal employment law claims nationwide for over 30 years. We are available to assist federal employees with their legal matters on a wide variety of issues.

Adverse Actions

The best time to successfully challenge an adverse action is at the agency level when a personnel action is proposed. Our attorneys can provide advice and guidance to federal employees subjected to adverse actions such as suspensions, demotions or removals. We can assist federal government employees of all levels in preparing written and oral replies to proposed adverse actions, up to and including members of the Senior Executive Service.

We can also provide advice and representation in lesser disciplinary actions, such as warnings, counselings and letters of reprimand.


For many federal employees, downsizing is a topic of concern. For some, facing a RIF is a reality. In either case, our attorneys can advise federal employees about their legal rights in the event of a RIF and can cut through the maze of technicalities to assess whether a RIF action can be successfully challenged.

Federal Employees’ Litigation Services

Our attorneys are experienced litigators. We are ready to counsel and represent federal employees in appeals to the Merit Systems Protection Board and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as well as in civil actions and appeals in federal district and appellate courts.

We also provide representation on appeals at the agency level, including internal grievances.