Federal Agency Legal Services–GSA Schedule

Our firm has extensive experience in assisting small and medium-sized agencies with employee relations, EEO, and labor relations issues and has attorneys who have worked in the labor and employee relations areas in agencies within the federal government. Our attorneys can assist in the following areas:

  • Charges, hearings and appeals. Our attorneys can assist with the proper drafting of charges in adverse actions and the development of an evidentiary record to support adverse actions. We are also prepared to represent the agency during the appeal at the Merit Systems Protection Board.
  • EEO cases. Our firm can help with the defense of EEO complaints, including litigating an EEO case before the EEOC. We can also provide advice to federal agencies on how to handle and litigate complicated or sensitive EEO cases.
  • Misconduct or other management investigations. Our attorneys can assist with the investigation of employee misconduct. We have helped with investigations into integrity issues, violations of the agency’s rules of conduct and sexual harassment (Faragher and Ellerth) investigations. We have extensive experience in assisting agencies in handling difficult, sensitive and high-profile employee misconduct matters.
  • Labor management negotiations, arbitrations and contract disputes. The day-to-day dealings with labor unions concerning bargaining term or mid-term agreements and contract administration issues are within our specialized practice area. We have handled numerous arbitrations and can readily advise or assist in all aspects of labor relations.

Note: Our firm will not represent individual employees at agencies with which it has contracts to provide legal services for employees on employment matters.

GSA Schedule Contract Number: GS-02F-0175S