Review Your SF-50s for Accuracy

Debra Roth of Shaw Bransford & Roth wrote the article, "Review Your SF-50s for Accuracy" for the May edition of Federal Times. Her article also appears on the Federal Times website under the "Ask the Lawyer" blog.

Read an excerpt of the article below:

If you have been issued a disciplinary or adverse action, that means you received a suspension from duty of one to 14 days, a suspension of 15 days or more, or a demotion or termination. Admittedly, there are not many federal workers who have received a suspension, demotion or removal action. But I think it’s worth offering some advice regarding how the disciplinary or adverse action is noted in your official personnel file, or OPF.

Suspensions, demotions and removals are affected by the issuance of an SF-50, which is to be placed into your OPF. Most federal workers now have an e-OPF, to which the employee has easy access. That will help you confirm that all employment actions are correctly noted in your employment file.

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