What to Know About Furlough Appeals


Debra Roth, Partner, Shaw Bransford & Roth P.C., wrote the article, "What to Know About Furlough Appeals" for the April edition of Federal Times. Her article also appears on the Federal Times website under the "Ask the Lawyer" blog.


Read an excerpt of the article below:

I often hear employees affected by an adverse personnel action repeat urban legend that this Merit Systems Protection Board will likely reverse or mitigate the agency’s action taken against him or her. There’s also a growing belief in Congress that the MSPB is too employee friendly and a reason why there is a workplace culture of employee entitlement that detracts from an agency’s mission. Recent statistics from the MSPB tell a different story. What does this mean for you, a federal employee with MSPB appeal rights? Know before you go, as most likely the board will affirm (and not mitigate) the agency action taken against you.

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