Ask the Lawyer: Negotiating the BYOD Minefield

Debra Roth, Partner, Shaw Bransford & Roth P.C., wrote the Ask the Lawyer article, "Negotiating the BYOD Minefieldgotiating the BYOD Minefield" for the January 19th edition of Federal Times. Her article also appears on the Federal Times website under their "Ask the Lawyer" blog.


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Those of you who are managers with employees enrolled in their agency’s BYOD program face several challenges that may not be obvious at first thought. Try to ensure that your employees’ use of their personal devices is not running afoul of any collective bargaining agreement or federal wage hour law. Make sure that any after-hours communications or work is accounted for, to the extent it is required to be by law, office policies or by the agreement with the union. For example, for the non-exempt worker who requests overtime for work performed during his or her off duty hours, confirm that the work was performed as claimed, and then make sure the worker is appropriately compensated.

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News source: Federal Times