Latest VA Bill Limits Number of Senior Execs Eligible for Bonuses

Jennifer A. Mattingley, Director or Government affairs at Shaw Bransford & Roth P.C., and  legislative director for the Senior Executives Association, was quoted in the following Government Executive article, "Latest VA Bill Limits Number of Senior Execs Eligible for Bonuses"

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“If the secretary is reassigning people, does that become really political?” she asked. Mattingley said many top jobs in VA are specialized, particularly those within the Veterans Health Administration, and so it wouldn’t be practical to reassign a senior executive in the general counsel’s office to a job running a VA hospital, for example. Mattingley said the SEA has always supported accountability, but worries that the public discussion about mismanagement at VA revolves around “this idea that all these senior executives are doing something terrible,” which isn’t accurate. “If someone is doing something wrong they should absolutely be held accountable,” she said. “We are not saying ‘no.’ We are saying, ‘Make it fair, and make sure you are getting the right people.’ ”


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News source: Government Executive