Phased Retirement: When? Where? Who? (Radio)

This morning, Shaw Bransford & Roth partner, Julie Perkins, joined Federal News Radio's Mike Causey in the studio to discuss the finer details of phased retirement.

Excerpt from the show description:

So why is it taking agencies so long to actually offer phased retirement?

Washington attorney Julie Perkins says the government and government agencies want to get it, phased retirement, right. She's an employment law attorney and partner with Shaw, Bransford and Roth. Good lawyer that she is, she reads the fine print and realizes that the devil is in the details. Especially in something as tricky as a brand-new phased retirement (PR) program. Example: The PR law says that 20 percent of the working retiree's time must be spent "mentoring" others. So how is mentoring defined? Depends. Read More.

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