Government funding tops list for lame-duck Congress (Article)

Jenny Mattingley, director of government affairs, Shaw Bransford & Roth P.C., and a lobbyist for federal employee rights was quoted in a Federal News Radio article, "Government funding tops list for lame-duck Congress" in November 2014.


"While there's much speculation about how Republicans will run Capitol Hill in the next Congress, the lame-duck one that returns to Washington today must tackle big challenges of its own. With a continuing resolution set to expire in mid-December, agency budgets hang in the balance. So does emergency funding to combat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.

Congress also will take up the fiscal 2015 defense authorization bill, widely considered to be "must pass" legislation and a key vehicle for other measures that would not become law on their own. Add in a pledge by the White House to act on immigration reform if Congress will not, and it makes for a busy few weeks. Then before you know it, lawmakers will leave again for the winter holidays, closing the book on the 113th session. 

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News source: Federal News Radio